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We are simian, you know

(unless of course you’re a follower of one of those odd little cults that likes to believe silly things despite overwhelming evidence, in which case you may prefer to think that we sprung fully-formed from the mystic firmament or something because you can’t bear the idea that we are 99.999% identical to those stinky, silly creatures that throw their own feces and masturbate in public places)
but we are not Simian… in the sense that the owners of this site are not a Madchester-bred electro-rock band partially responsible for making Kanye West look like a whiny little bitch (and obviously Justice helped, as well as the fact that Kanye West is in fact a whiny little bitch).

We are interested in fun, happy silly gifts that keep on giving. Like unique gift baskets that you can root through looking for all the goodies. If the search experts have done their work – check TNG/Earthling, Inc. – then these gifts will be readily available at a click on Google or other search engines. The best gift baskets and tasty salty nibbles, fun toys and personalized puzzles, balloons with our names on them, colored pencils, dog tags, and sweet treats. For those of us who can legally drink, our gift baskets should also include some bubbly or a bottle or two or three of red or white wine. Wine glasses would be appreciated since we don’t have any of our own that haven’t been broken. Some of us, I won’t mention anyone by name, get a bit clumsy. You know who you are! I digress. Gift baskets are great to receive cuz they hold so many neat items. It’s one BIG gift with lots of little gifts inside. That’s what we mean when we say “We like tasty fun, happy, silly, yummy gifts that keep on giving, and giving.” Even once all the food goodies are gone, we can then play with the puzzles and toys, hit the balloons around and draw on the wall with the colored markers… if they were colored markers in the gift basket.

Remember this is or was a Simian fan page. But don’t let that stop you from experiencing everything that life has to offer; the updates for Simian will sadly not be coming quite as often as we’d like,since we’re having too much fun.
Now, if you’re interested in the fellas, there’s plenty of info out there about The Last Shadow Puppets, the Black Ghosts, and of course good ol’ Simian Mobile Disco. The Simian Saga has not yet drawn to a close, so to speak.

But these days we’re more interested in fun silly things. Not sure why; well we really do know, but aren’t telling. Maybe just a little hint: perhaps Simian was a brief interlude of romantic fancy in a cold grey world of practicality. Or maybe not — who’s to say?

We’re to say, yet we won’t. It’s the dreams wot did it, of course; it focused our gaze on the here-and-now and allowed us to let memories of better days with Simian slip through the sticky fingers of our semi-conscious minds. It’s happened before and it will happen again…

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